Event Management

A nationwide provider of integrated solutions and services for events with prominent positions across all main segments
• Conferences & Conventions
• Institutional & Cultural Events
• Trade Fairs and Exhibitions for professionals and the general public.
• Intervening on behalf of a large range of institutional and private companies in Pakistan
• Corporate-Events

All type of conferences (Research, Science, Economics, Associations, Education & cultural, etc.)Business Conventions, International Forums, as well as company events (Seminars, Incentives, General Meetings, Public Relations and Product Launches).

i.link Events mission is assisting Institutions & Companies at every stage of the process from the definition of their event strategies to final implementation.
i.link Events covers the entire range of expertise and skills required to successfully stage corporate & institutional events. From consulting services and design to produce the event itself, it provides a Turnkey Solution.
i.link Events manages and coordinates the Group’s portfolio of a lot of proprietary trade fairs covering a wide range of all sectors.
i.link Events manages operations for a network of more than 10 venues that include convention centre, Continental Hotels for participants boarding, Hotel Board rooms & Main Halls, Exhibition Halls and multi-purpose facilities located in Islamabad.
i.link Events manages all traveling arrangements for the event participants, Air Travel, Airport Pick & Drop, By Road Travels by Luxury Buses from all major cities of Pakistan, City Tour & Northern Areas Tour Operations by Luxury Coaches.
i.link Events manages all Printing Needs such as meeting Agenda, Event Hangouts, Banners, Related Materials & Certificates for Participants.
i.link Events manages Overlays and fixtures, Hotel Reservations, Hall Reservations, Board Rooms for meetings, equipme nt supply & Dinning services etc.
Its mission: assist companies, governments, semi government, NGO’s or associations in defining and implementing their event communications strategy.


The offering ranges from more traditional services (Equipments, Designing & Decoration etc.) to the more complex: modular custom-designed hospitality pavilions, the deployment of new communications technologies, etc.
Since the Group’s creation, this offering has been constantly evolving both in quantitative terms, to broaden its scope of services in line with customer demands, and qualitative, by introducing innovations and original offerings (eco-design, designer equipment, e-business website etc.). Services are also integrated by the Quality department to achieve synergies and continuing improvement.
By combining design, overlay services and communications for large events into an integrated offering, the Group has acquired a position as a global player in this sector. On this basis, it contributes to major Institutional, Cultural and Economic events.
Among the Group’s innovations, City Events inaugurates a new meeting format offering professionals a venue for creating the sports events of tomorrow, by bringing together international sporting events participants and major customers that include international sports federations, associations and local authorities.

Giving sense to events
i.link Events proposes events that make genuine sense. This ability to give a clear meaning to events is a direct result of the strong synergies that exist within the Group.
i.link Events highlights the message and sense of the event thanks to its expertise at every level of the events chain: design, drafting of specifications, overall coordination, communication about the event etc.
The Group’s comprehensive expertise enables our teams to provide advice with high added value. An in-depth understanding of all the markets and every aspect of the event process, as well as the Group’s international presence, make i.link Events a genuine expert in the events field, capable of responding to every type of requirement.
• Understanding
Creating a genuine marketing and communication strategy. Understanding the objectives, targets and audiences, as well as the brand personality, its development, positioning and products.
• Innovating and Designing
Design: search for a concept, definition of the event, its size, its personality and, if necessary, finding a venue.
• Organizing and Producing
Production: coordination, project management, team management, drafting of budgets and schedules, reporting.
• Communicating
Proposal concerning event identity, application scope, production of all the necessary tools and supports, creation of website, video clips, press relations…
• Analyzing and Evaluating
Analysis of Impact and Feedback, Satisfaction Surveys & Event Reporting.